Ashwath Anand

Multidisciplinary problem solver based in San Francisco, CA

AI platform for chatbots

Most recent team project at Junior to build an AI-driven concierge chatbot on Facebook's Messenger platform for a prominent tech company's conference.

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eBay Dash button

Built during a 48-hour hackathon as part of a marketing campaign pitch. I built a prototype to show how an Amazon dash button can be used to order the very same item at a cheaper price from eBay instead of Amazon.

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An IoT project to facilitate more efficient use of communal things at Junior. By simply opening a new tab on chrome, people at the studio can tell if the toilet, couch, workshop or hammock are occupied or not so they don't have to make multiple failed trips to use them.

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In early 2016, I started learning how to build full-stack javascript websites and I also started shooting pictures on a 30 year old film camera. So I decided to build a web app to showcase my two new obsessions. This is still a work in progress and currently takes up a lot of my free time :D

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Juniormusic is a concept for democratized music experiences in group settings. Apart from a hardware remote, every person in a group setting, say an office for example, can contribute to a shared playlist and choose to control music right from where thay are sitting.

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I built a twitterbot called Juniorbot to tweet on behalf of Junior everyday. Juniorbot wants to school you on the future of digital and put a pretty picture in your Twitter feed.

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One of my most favorite projects from my time at SCAD while I was pursuing an MFA in Industrial design. VENDOBOX is a vending machine that accepts a bespoke currrency (vendocoins) that were hidden throughout my school building. Lucky recipients get a box filled with essentials that help students survive those grueling final weeks of the semester.

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My MFA Industrial Design Thesis project. Nucleus is a platform that brings together passionate designers and dedicated teachers to create a more interactive, hands-on approach to learning.

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Old hardware projects that are still pretty cool

Select projects I worked on at SCAD. These are very fun projects and I still dont have the heart to remove them from my portfolio. Do give them a scan if you have a free minute.

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