AI chatbot platform

Duration: December 2016- January 2017
Team: Ashwath Anand, Jordan Lawler, Robbie Whiting, J.P.Zundel
My role: creative technologist, research facilitator
Tech stack: Messenger platform, Watson knowledge studio, node.js, express

Project details

Team project at Junior to build a messenger based, AI driven chatbot concierge for delegates at a conference. I have seen this project from inception to its current state.


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To start off the project, I facilitated a workshop with the client to understand their deeper problems and insights. After a synthesis of the insights from the workshop, we were able to draft up a feature set for the product.

Messenger prototypes

For the feature presentation I built seven chatbot flows on Facebook's messenger platform to prototype what the manifestation of those features would look like.
I am not allowed to share this work yet but here is a semi blurred out screenshot of one of the chatbot flows.

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I am glad to show the messenger chatbot flows in person on request.

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