Duration: September 2016
Team: Ashwath Anand, Sean Leach
My role: creative technologist- hardware, backend and a little bit of front end
Tech stack: Arduino (esp8266), socket.io, mqtt, node.js and express

Project details

Hammock is a simple chrome extension which shows if communal things in a shared space are being used or not. Every time a new tab is opened, the user can see his/her Hammock dashboard. Simply scroll left and right to go to see all the different devices and scroll up and down to go to different floors.

If the user can see the icon for a connected communal object, it is available for use. If the icon is missing, the user has to wait for it to become free again. Soooo many trips to the bathroom saved right?

Hammock hardware in action

Prototypes to show the availability of a restroom, couch, hammock and worskhop.

Hammock web app

Webapp screen recording


A peak behind the scenes

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