Duration: September 2016
Team: Ashwath Anand. Concept help:Sean Leach. first MVP help: Ben Lerchin, Rachel Ulgado
My role: creative technologist: 3D modeling, fabrication and physical computing.
Tech stack: physical computing using Raspberry pi, python and node.js

Project details

Juniormusic is a concept to explore democratized social music experiences. Music is an integral part of offices that have chosen to have an open floor layout. There is a need for an easy and efficient way to manage music to make sure everyone’s taste in music is taken care of.

The physical interface and each laptop are connected to the same wifi network, and anyone on the network can use the web app to add to a shared playlist. The physical interface then plays the music through the main audio system.


Final assembly of prototype

Assembling the hardware for the first time

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