Duration: September 2014 - May 2015
Team: Ashwath Anand, and a lot of help from: Prof. Michael Felix, Prof. Bruce Claxton, Prof. John McCabe, Tyler Decker, Alexandra Patron, Shan Selvaraj, Nupoor Rajkumar, Amar Chadgar, Cathy Gu and Ali Murtaza
My role: Design research, research synthesis, product design, fabrication, web development
Tech stack: wordpress, bootstrap

Project details

This is my MFA Industrial Design Thesis project. Nucleus is a platform that brings together passionate designers and dedicated teachers to create a more interactive, hands-on approach to learning.
Inspired by how quickly I learned to make projects with the Arduino platform, I set out to create a platform that would do the same for formal education.

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Project outcomes

After reaching out to several educational institutions in Savannah to partner with, I decided to build Nucleus in collaboration with Charles Ellis Montessori School. During my collaboration With the School, I was able to develop two projects with the teachers and students: The Golden Ratio learning kit and Intro to Makey Makey.

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