Duration: June 2016 - August 2016
Team: Ashwath Anand, Mayo Tobita, Ben Lerchin, Rachel Ulgado, Albert Mejia
My role: Technical program manager, UX design and research, product strategy
Tech stack: aframe.io, react.js, node.js, express, heroku
Web app: pocktVR.io

Project details

pocktVR lets anyone create and share interactive, 360-degree image experiences that can be viewed with or without VR headsets (like Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard) -- no apps or downloads required -- right on the web. Junior decided to create pocktVR for clients who were looking for a white labeled CMS for creating web VR experiences.

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Project outcomes

As technical program manager I was in charge of the daily scrum process and assigned tasks to everyone to meet deadlines and deliverables. I was also in charge of performing QA and delegating tasks for fixing issues that were found. I also made significant contributions to the inception of the idea, product strategy and UX design.
At the end of this project we successfully delivered a CMS for creating web based VR experiences.

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