Duration: August 2016- October 2017
Team: Ashwath Anand, Mayo Tobita, Ben Lerchin, Jordan Lawler, J.P.Zundel, Emily O'Hara
My role: Technical program manager
Tech stack: Contentful CMS, react.js, node.js, express, heroku, bugherd

Project details

I worked as a technical program manager on Junior's embedded project with Shyp. We built their marketing website,, and their new price estimator.

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Project outcomes

As technical program manager, I was part of the decision-making team that determined deadlines and deliverables. I owned the scrum process from doing stand-ups, delegating tasks and coordinating between Junior's design team, Junior's tech team and Shyp's tech team. I also owned the QA process, done mostly through Bugherd. I also made significant contributions to the UX design of the estimator tool.

Junior's development framework

The development framework I setup for Shyp was very helpful to finish the project with high quality and on time. With my combined learnings from Managing the development process of our projects with shyp, Amnesty's Fear of the sky and pocktVR to setup the development framework at Junior.

Make sure you also try out Shyp's new pricing estimator

Press mentions

FastCompany: Shyp Goes Nationwide By Letting You Comparison-Shop Shipping Services
VentureBeat: Shyp opens carrier rate comparison tool nationwide and launches desktop support
Business Insider: On-demand courier service Shyp is pushing toward the future of shipping

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